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Tormek Multi Base MB-102

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Why choose the Tormek MB-102 Multi Base?
  • Tormek Logo sharpens flat bevels onto knives with ease, afew knives that it's great for: Vee gouges, chip wood carving knives, Kiridashi, luthier knives, can also be used on Japanese planes, and many other tools.
  • The MB-102 base enables the creation of a flawlessly flat bevel on the diamond grinding wheel's flat surface.

  • Facilitates the frontal vertical mounting of the universal support, providing enhanced accessibility for sharpening knives edge trailing
  • Allows frontal vertical mounting of universal support - better access for sharpening knives edge trailing, and for guided honing with the use of knife jigs.
  • See below the Tormek Sharpening jigs that the MB-102 base is compatible with.

How does the Tormek Multi Base provide a completely flat bevel?
Ensuring a perfectly flat bevel is achieved, the MB-102 Multi Base allows you to sharpen against the flat side of your diamond grinding wheels. When sharpening atop the curved portion of the grinding wheel, a slightly concave bevel may result. However, for tools where a flat bevel is preferred, utilizing the MB-102 on the flat side of diamond grinding wheels is the recommended approach. It's important to note that this method is advised exclusively for diamond grinding wheels, as sharpening with grindstones, which wear down and necessitate truing, is not recommended on the side of the wheel where truing is not feasible.

How does the Tormek MB-102 adjust to fit my tool?
Tailored to accommodate your specific tool requirements, the MB-102 Multi Base features an adjustable joint that enables you to secure the sharpening position based on the optimal settings for each tool and jig. Whether you prefer vertical or horizontal mounting on your machine, the MB-102 Multi Base provides the flexibility to choose the orientation that best suits your particular tool, jig, or preferred stance.

Utilize the MB-102 Multi Base to sharpen knives with edge-trailing precision and perform guided honing using knife jigs.
By horizontally mounting the MB-102 Multi Base on your Tormek machine, you have the option to vertically mount the universal support in front of the machine. Essentially, this transforms the machine's horizontal mounts into vertical ones. This configuration offers improved accessibility for sharpening knives with the edge trailing in the same direction as the grinding wheel rotation, as well as for guided honing using knife jigs. A significant number of users favor edge trailing sharpening on Japanese Waterstones to prevent the edge from catching on the softer stone.

What Tormek Jigs does the Tormek MB-102 multi base work with?

The MB-102 Multi Base is compatible with a variety of Tormek jigs, including but not limited to:

  • KJ-45 Centering Knife Jig,
  • KJ-140 Wide Centering Knife Jig,
  • SVM-00 Small Knife Holder,
  • SE-77 Square Edge Jig,
  • SVS-38 Short Tool Jig,
  • SVD-186 R Gouge Jig,
  • SVS-50 Multi Jig,
  • and SVD-110 Tool Rest.

Given the versatile nature of the MB-102 Multi Base, we encourage users to explore and innovate in their sharpening techniques. How will you leverage its flexibility for your unique sharpening needs?

Tool Manufacturer: Tormek

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