Hand Saws

Saws are a must have for any woodworkers tool kit. See our extensive range of saws from small precision gents saws to large log saws and everything in between.

Gents Saw Tenon Saw Hand Saw More Saws, Specialist saws
Dovetail and Gents Saws

Fine tooth saws to give a precise cut, ideal for cutting dovetail joints.


Tenon Saws

Relatively fine tooth saws ideal for accurate joinery work.

Hand Saws

Range of Thomas Flinn hand saws: panel, crosscut and rip.

More Saws

Various specialist saws, veneer, fine inlay to flush cutting saws.

Japanese Saws Log Saw Saw Sharpening Metalworking saws
Japanese Saws

Precision Japanese pull saws.

Log Saws

3 foot one man traditional log saws.

Saw Sharpening

Hand tools to aid saw sharpening.

 Metalworking Saws

Hacksaws for cutting metal, along with replacements blades.