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Dovetail & Gents Saws

Dovetail saws and gent's saws are both hand saws known for their precision and fine cutting capabilities. The dovetail saw is a narrow-bladed saw with fine teeth, specifically designed for making precise and delicate cuts, typically in woodworking, especially for dovetail joints. The thin blade allows for intricate work, and the teeth configuration ensures a clean finish without splintering the wood. On the other hand, the gent's saw, also referred to as a gentleman's saw, is a versatile yet smaller hand saw that's well-suited for a variety of woodworking tasks. It typically has a broader blade compared to a dovetail saw, making it capable of straight or crosscuts in wood. It's a handy tool for woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts who require a compact saw for finer work, such as cabinetmaking or joinery. Both dovetail and gent's saws offer precision and control, making them indispensable tools in the workshop.