Tool Sharpening

All the sharpening tools needed to give your chisel, plane blade, knife, that perfect edge. Keeping your tools sharp for easier, more accurate and successful woodworking.

Sharpening Stones Slip and Profiled Stones Stropping and Polishing Honing Guide Tools
Sharpening Stones

A great selection of different grit stones to keep your tools sharp.

Slip and Profiled Stones

Profiled stones for sharpening firmer and carving gouges.

Stropping and Polishing

Produce the ultimate tool edge with stops and compounds.

Honing Guide Tools

Sharpen your blade with ease and produce the required angle.

Knife Sharpening Tormek Sharpening Machines Tormek Accessories
Knife Sharpeners

Quick and easy sharpening of knives

Tormek Sharpening Machines

Water cooled sharpening machines and accessories.

Tormek Accessories

A range of adaptions and accessories designed to fit Tormek Sharpening systems.