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Carving Knives

Choose from a range of wood carivng knives from popular makers like Flexcut (USA), Mora (Swedish steel), Narex (Czech Republic). These tools can be used for whittling, relief carving, we also stock hook knives, also known as spoon carving knives that are ideal for spoon carving.  All our knives come sharp and ready to use.

Carving Knife Sets
Carving Knife Sets

A range of woodcarving knife sets for both beginners and pro carvers.

Carving Knives
Individual Carving Knives

A selection of Mora and Flexcut wood carving knives. This section contains individual woodcarving knives and whittling knives.

Carving Hook Knives
Hook Knives

Hook knives are great tools for wooden spoon making and most light hollowing work.