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Planes Blades & Replacement Spare Parts

A wide selection of woodwork replacement plane blades and plane spare parts. Many of the replacement plane blades and parts we hold fit traditional planes such as Stanley planes and Record planes.

Spare Plane Blades
Spare Plane Blades

We have a large range of spare plane blades for all types of planes: bullnose, rebate bench planes etc.. from top makers Veritas, Clico, Stanley, Record Irwin and Ray Iles.

Spare Spokeshave Blades
Spokehsave Blades

Need a new blade for your Record or Stanley spokeshave, we stock Stanley and our replacement thicker Ray Iles spokeshave blades.

Spare Plane Parts and Handles
Spare Plane Parts & Handles

Spare plane parts, screw and handles available for Stanley bench planes. We also stock protective plane socks to help protect your plane.

Router and Plough Plane Parts and Blades
Router and Plough Spares and Blades

We stock a range of Veritas spare parts and blades for the Veritas router, small plough and Veritas combination plane, along with Ray Iles thicker plough plane blades designed to fit the older Record plough planes, models 040, 043, M40 and 044.