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Woodturning Tools

Woodturning allows for the creation of a variety of cylindrical or rounded objects, such as bowls, vases, and spindle-shaped items. The tools used in woodturning include gouges, chisels, skew chisels and specialist turning tools each designed for specific cutting tasks. We stock a fine selection of individual British made woodturning tools and tool sets from popular makers, Henry Taylor, Robert Sorby and Crown Tools.

Turning Gouges
Woodturning Gouges

Individual bowl, spindle & roughing gouges from Henry Taylor and Crown.

Woodturning Chisels
Turning Chisels

Versatile skew and square end woodturning chisels available in a range of sizes.

Beading and Parting Tools
Beading and Parting Tools

Individual beading and parting tools ideal for cutting deep grooves and separating finished work from waste wood.

Turning Scrapers
Turning Scrapers

Henry Taylor turning tool scrapers including Jason Breach. Ideal for fine finishing surfaces ready for sanding.

Specialist Turning Tools
Specialist Woodturning Tools

Individual specialist turning tools from Robert Sorby and H.Taylor

Texturing Turning Tools
Texturing Tools

Texturing tools, including the popular Decorating Elf designed for decorating workpieces.

Woodturning Sets
Woodturning Sets

Starting out or looking for a gift we have a range of wood turning sets to suit.

Turning Supplies
Turning Supplies & Accessories

Turning supplies, project ideas along with replacement turning tool handles.

Pole Lathe Turning Tools
Pole Lathe Turning Tools

Selection of Ashley Iles turning tools for use with the traditional foot powered pole lathe.

Henry Taylor Tool Process View the video above to see the great crafsmanship that goes into each Henry Taylor tool.

Skillful woodturners can achieve intricate and detailed designs, turning raw pieces of wood into beautifully crafted and functional pieces of art. The art of woodturning not only relies on the craftsman's skill but also on the selection and maintenance of quality tools to achieve precise and smooth results.