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Hand Tools

We stock a huge range of hand tools to cover a range of jobs and skill levels from hobby, trade through to professional woodworkers, woodcarvers and woodturners. Our store features a number of premium brand tools, we hold bench chisels, framing chisels hand planes, hand saws, various small saws, froes, marking gauges and sharpening tools to keep everything razor sharp. At Toolnut you will also find one of the largest selection of carving tools in the UK from British makers Henry Taylor and Ashley Iles.

Woodworking Planes
Planes, Scrapers & Spokeshaves

Innovative woodworking planes, routers and scrapers from brands you can trust.

Woodworking Chisels

From small butt chisels, firmer chisels to larger framing chisels, slicks and everything in between.

Carving Chisels
Carving Tools

Huge range of beginner to professional wood carving tools from Henry Taylor and Ashley Iles.

Wood Turning Tools
Turning Tools

For all your woodturning needs we have range of turning tools.

Tool Sharpening
Tool Sharpening

For all your sharpening needs for that razor tool edge.

Marking and Measuring Tools
Marking and Measuring

Hand tools used for marking and measuring wood.

Adze, Drawknives and Froes
Adze, Drawknives, Froes..

Range of green woodworking tools.

Chairmaking Tools
Chairmaking Tools

Specialist hand tools for chair making.


From small gents saws to large log saws and everything in between.

Hammers and Mallets
Hammers and Mallets

Carpenter and joiners mallets to woodcarving mallets.

Tool Storage
Tool Storage

Leather/ fabric chisel rolls for keeping your tools safe.

Clamps and Vices
Clamps and Vices

We stock bench clamps, cramps and vices.

Gardening Tools
Gardening Tools

Kew garden sets available that 2 trowels and a gardening fork.

Bushcraft Knives

Range of Flexcut wood carving knives, Mora bushcraft knives and marking knives from Narex.