Carving Tools and Accessories

Our showcase of wood carving tools and accessories include those of Ashley Iles, Henry Taylor, Mora, Flexcut and Veritas.

Carving Chisel Sets Carving Knives Straight Gouges Curved Gouges
Carving Chisel Sets

A large selection of wood carving tool sets. We stock six different Ashley Iles carving tool box sets, and six Henry Taylor sets.

Carving Knives

A selection of Mora and Flexcut wood carving knives. This section contains individual woodcarving knives and whittling knives.

Straight Gouges

A selection of individual straight wood carving chisels, gouges and specialist profiles available in a range of sweeps.

Curved Gouges

A selection of individual curved carving tools available in a range of sweeps.

Spoon Gouges Fishtail Carving Tools Dog Leg Carving Tools Back Bent Carving Tool
Spoon Carving Tools

A selection of individual Henry Taylor & Ashley Iles spoon carving tools.

Fishtail Carving Tools

A selection of Henry Taylor & Ashley Iles Fishtail carving tools available in a range of sweeps.

Dog Leg Carving Tools

Specialist dog leg carving tools from the Ashley Iles range.

Back Bent Tools

Specialist back bent carving tools from the Ashley Iles range of carving chisels.

Carving Mallets Carving Tool Sets Block Cutters Carving Knife Sets
Carving Mallets

Varied selection of woodcarving mallets, from unique African mallets to Veritas carver mallets.

Sculpture Carving Tools

A selection of Henry Taylor sculpture tools designed for work on large sections of wood.

Block Cutters

 A selection of palm carving tools ideal for detailed work.

Carving Knife Sets

A range of woodcarving knife sets for both beginners and pro carvers.

Hooked Skew Chisels Hook Knives Carving Vices Carving Handles
Hook Skew Chisels

A selection of Ashley Iles block cutters, including blockcutters from  the "Ray Gonzalez" hooked skew blockcutter range.

Hook Knives

Hook knives are great tools for wooden spoon making and most light hollowing work.

Carving Vices

Adjustable carving vices to let you work around your carving with ease.

Replacement Handles

Selection of replacement wooden carving chisel handles.

Power Carving Carving Punches
Power Carving

Carve with ease with power carving tools for big and little carvings.

Carving Punches

A great selection of different texture woodcarving punches.

Ashley Iles: a family run business specialising in wood carving tools have been hand making carving tools for many decades. Ashley Iles carving tools are made using quality Sheffield steel to ensure long lasting edge keeping qualities. Ashley Iles offer a lifetime guarantee: any Ashley Iles tool found faulty in materials or edge keeping qualities will be replaced unconditionally.

Henry Taylor: a hugely respected, Sheffield tool maker, renowned for their wood carving tools throughout the world have been producing tools since 1834. Henry Taylor carving tools are made using the best quality Sheffield steel by combining traditional skills and modern technology.

Carving tool package