Woodworking Chisels

Chisels are essential to any woodworkers tool kit, from small Butt chisels to huge Slicks and every chisel in between you can find it in our vast range of Woodworking chisels.

Chisel Sets Firmer Chisels Paring Chisels Firmer Gouges
Chisel Sets

A selection of parallel and bevel edge firmer chisel sets.

Firmer Chisels

Standard size bench chisels with either parallel edge or bevelled.

Paring Chisels

Long, thin paring chisels ideal for paring wood from joints.

Firmer and Paring Gouges

Selection of long and short, in-cannel and out-cannel gouges.

Cranked Chisels Mortice Chisels Slicks Framing Chisels
Cranked Chisels

Selection of long and short cranked woodworking chisels ideal for those hard to reach places.

Mortice Chisels

Heavy duty chisels ideal for chopping out mortices.


Premium quality slicks by Robert Sorby used in timber framing.

Framing Chisels

Selection of long heavy duty chisels ideal for timber framing work.

Chisel Handles Butt Chisels Corner Chisels Dovetail Chisels
Chisel Handles and Ferules

Selection of replacement chisel handles, range of woods, beech, bubinga, boxwood, rosewood.

Butt Chisels

Butt chisels are ideal for tight spaces, they provide greater control and fit nicely into your palm.

Corner Chisels

A selection of corner chisels, heavy duty corner chisels, and corner cleaning chisels from makers Ashley Iles, and Robert Sorby.

Dovetail Chisels

A shoulder-less chisel that has a gently rounded face to reach the corners of a dovetail joint.