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  • Wood Carving

    Whether you are a beginner or professional woodcarver we have a range of tools to suit. We hold one of the largest ranges of English made woodcarving tools in the UK stocking only the finest hand made carving tools from Ashley Iles and Henry Taylor Tools (Sheffield). These tools are made using the finest steel with traditional methods with modern technologies.

    Each carving tool has been made to maintain its edge and each chisel comes razor sharp ready to use.

  • WoodTurning

    Whether a professional or hobbyist we have a wide range of woodturning tools and supplies to suit your woodturning needs, be sure to get top quality British-made tools from Henry Taylor, Sorby, Ashley Iles, and Crown.

    Enjoy the benefits of superior craftsmanship and precision for reliable and lasting tools you can count on.

  • Woodworking

    Get quality woodworking tools from many British sources with our range of quality hand tools, bench planes, bench chisels made by popular makers: Henry Taylor, Robert Sorby,
    Veritas, Clifton..

    Our selection includes everything you need for any woodworking job, from basic knowledge of woodworking to the top-of-the-line tools. Shop now and get the perfect tools for your next

  • Keep your tools sharp

    When working with wood in any craft, one of the most important steps to successful woodwork is keeping your tools sharp. Improves finish, ease of use and safety.

    We stock high-quality sharpening tools, honing guides, and sharpening stones to keep your cutting tools at their very best. Enjoy precision and consistent performance with easy-to-use tools that will keep your blades sharp for improved performance and safety.