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As we understand, since 1st January 2021 we are unable to send any item made from Rosewood, Bubinga, Ebony, Blackwood (plus some other exotic woods) to a location outside of Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland) without a CITES permit.

As we currently understand CITES permits cost £85+ and take a number of weeks to obtain.

We fully understand we can't send such CITES items to EU/Europe (without a permit) due to customs borders moving from the the EU to GB.

We have frustrations we can't send these items to Northern Ireland (UK) without the need for a CITES permit.

We are constantly reviewing this information and would be keen to hear from anyone if we have misunderstood the rulings or if there are any updates which make sending items more viable. 


Orders Made Outside Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland)

Regretfully, if an item is ordered which contains a CITES material (e.g. Rosewood, Bubinga, Ebony, Blackwood) and the order is made from outside Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland) or the delivery address is outside of Great Britain we will have to refund the CITES related item(s).

We will also refund the order if a PO Box, parcel storage, parcel forwarding type address is used (we don't send any items to these addresses).

On average 98%+ of our items can be sent outside of Great Britain (GB) to Northern Ireland and Europe.


UK Government Website Says

 The HMRC website said on 10/02/21:

Export by post

You must present your CITES permit and specimen to UKBF before you post your items to destinations outside the UK (or for GB to NI movements). All 3 copies of the permit should be securely attached to the outside of the parcel. The yellow copy will be returned to you.

You must complete a customs declaration form CN22 or CN23. This depends on the value of the item. You can get these forms from any Post Office. The customs declaration must include:

  • a description of the goods
  • the value
  • whether they’re gifts or commercial items

You also need a ‘C&E 83A label: exported by post under customs and excise control’.