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Age Verification

Why do I need to Verify my age?

New laws in the United Kingdom now state that certain bladed items cannot be sold to persons under 18 years of age. To comply with these new UK laws we have an age verification check at the point of checking out, to ensure only persons 18 and over are purchasing age restricted items from our store.

For any reason if you’re age cannot be verified unfortunately we cannot legally send you an age restricted item.  Your order will be refunded, if you have purchased other non-age restricted items only the age restricted item would need to be refunded. We understand how frustrating this can be, we will do all we can to help, though we have to follow the new laws.

How and when do you check my age

  • An Age verification check is run at checkout in the background based on what you have entered for your order details, please make sure your name and address are correctly and fully written for a seamless transaction (VerifyMyAge will then check these details against numerous databases Electoral roll, driving license database to name a couple, a match can only be made if your name and address details are in full and correct. Approximately 90-95% of these checks are successful and you will not have to do anything for the age check to be completed.
  • If these background checks fail you will be emailed after your order and able to choose from 3 options:
    • Verify age by Age Estimation - after taking a short selfie video, artificial intelligence indicates whether you are aged 25+.
    • Verify by ID scan - age and identity is verified by scanning a photo of a government ID or driver’s license or passport.  Name on order must match ID used.
    • Verify by credit card - Using the Credit Card details you
      provide, VerifyMyAge will validate the card to
      confirm your age. Please note: a £1 charge will be made and instantly refunded using this method. Name on order must match credit card used.

To avoid delays in dispatching your parcel please verify you age straight away, we cannot legally send your parcel until your age is verified.

  • Once your age is verified you will not be asked again to Verify your age on any future age restricted orders.


Further Points

  • An estimated 90-95% of our customers receive a seamless / normal checkout process.
  • VerifyMyAge has been independently certified as meeting the requirements of PAS1296:2018 – the Code of Practice for Online Age Verification by the official Age Check Certificate Scheme (ACCS), more information can be found on their website ACCS
  • VerifyMyAge has a partnership with trading standards.
  • VerifyMyAge is listed on the UK government website of UK Safety tech providers, which can be viewed on the government website by clicking the following link:Government Directy of UK safety tech providers
  • VerifyMyAge is used by Multi million pound corporations in a number of online stores and large auction websites.
  • Millions of transactions have been verified by VerifyMyAge.
  • VerifyMyAge is a member of the Age Verification providers association (AVPA) – The age verification providers association, the global trade body for providers of privacy-protecting, standards-based age assurance technology – more information can be found at AVPA website