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Shoulder Planes, Rebate Planes

A selection of Clifton and Veritas rebate planes and shoulder planes.

Clifton 3110 Plane - Bullnose, Shoulder and Rabbet
A high quality Clifton 3110 3-in-1 bull nose and shoulder rabbet plane. This versatile plane based upon the classic... [More]
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Clifton 400 Shoulder Rebate Plane
Sold out of Clifton 400 Shoulder Rebate Plane: More Coming Soon
A high quality Clifton no. 400 fine mouthed shoulder rebate plane. This fine plane is modelled on the early classic... [More]

Clifton 410 Shoulder Rebate Plane
A high quality, precision, Clifton no 410 shoulder rebate plane. This quality plane modelled on the classic versions... [More]
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Clifton 420 Shoulder Rebate Plane
An accurate, fine mouthed Clifton 420 shoulder rebate plane. This quality plane is designed with a precisely machined... [More]
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Veritas Detail Rabbet Plane
Veritas Detail Rabbet Plane Trims end grain Trims/cleans grooves and dadoes O1 blade Ductile iron body Forged... [More]
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Veritas Side Rabbet Plane
Veritas Side Rabbet Plane designed for trimming sidewalls of slots. Fitted with a depth stop, pivoting cap and two O1... [More]
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Veritas Skew Rebate Plane - Right Hand
The right hand Veritas skew rabbet / rebate plane. 247mm (9 3/4 inch) 247mm (9 3/4 inch) 247mm (9 3/4 inch) 247mm... [More]
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