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The Toolnut shop stocks woodworking: planes, chisels, carving tools, turning tools, saws, measuring tools, green tools and much more... From a range of manufacturers including: Ashley Iles, Clifton, Henry Taylor, Joseph Marples, Morris, Robert Sorby, Veritas Tools and a number of other respected makers.

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New Products On Toolnut

henry taylor wood carving tool set
Henry Taylor Wood Carving Tool Set
Veritas Fine-Tooth Dovetail Saw
Veritas Fine-Tooth Dovetail Saw
Clifton Shaped Cabinet Scraper Set
Clifton Shaped Cabinet Scraper Set
v-sharp knife sharpener
V-Sharp Knife Sharpener
mora hook knife - double edge
Mora Hook Knife - Double Edge
tormek t4 sharpening system
Tormek T4 Sharpening System
veritas small scraping plane
Veritas Small Scraping Plane
V-Sharp Classic II Diamond Rods - 1000g
V-Sharp Classic II Diamond Rods - 1000g
veritas saw file holder
Veritas Saw File Holder
Mora Craftsman Knife - 173
Mora Craftsman Knife - 173
clico scotch screw eyed augers
Clico Scotch Augers
Small Knife Sharpening Steel - 75mm
Small Knife Sharpening Steel - 75mm
Tormek T4 with HTK-706 and TNT-708
Tormek T4 with HTK-706 and TNT-708
Mora Knife - Companion - Green
Mora Knife - Companion - Green
Mora Knife - Companion - Orange
Mora Knife - Companion - Orange
Veritas Carvers Vice Mounting Plate
Veritas Carvers Vice Mounting Plate

New Cabinet Fittings On Toolnut

antique brass furniture sash knob
Antique Brass Furniture Sash Knob
lifting handle
Lifting Handle - New Sizes
antique brass H hinges
Antique Brass H Hinges
chest locks
Chest Locks
brass sash knob
Brass Sash Knob
Brass Chest Corner
Brass Chest Corner
brass round furniture knob
Brass Round Furniture Knob
antique drawer knob
Antique Drawer Knob

Planes - jointer, smoothing, jack, bull nose, shoulder, rebate, and blades...

A fine selection of high quality British made Clifton planes and Canadian made Veritas planes.

We have a variety of planes in stock including: jointer planes, smoothing planes, jack, bull nose, shoulder, rebate, rabbet planes, routers and more.

We also have in stock a large selection of plane blades, plane handles and accessories suitable for most every day and specialist planes.

>> View our Plane Range

Chisels - bevel edge, firmer, paring, gouges, corner and mortice...

We have a great selection of chisels for a variety of trades and occasions. Chisels are sold individualy, as chisel sets, and presentation gift box sets.

Our chisel range includes: firmer chisels, paring chisels, bevel edge chisels, gouges, corner, mortice chisels and other specialist chisels by makers such as Henry Taylor Tools, Robert Sorby, Ashley Iles and Crown Tools.

We are proud to announce we now stock Robert Sorby chisels and a small selection of Ashley Iles chisels.

>> View our Chisel Range

Carving Tools - individual chisels, block cutters, box sets, carving punches...

Our carving tool showcase has in stock a large variety of individual Ashley Iles carving tools in a range of profiles along with a smaller selection of Henry Taylor carving tools. Between these two manufacturers the tools are available in the form of a straight, curved, fishtail, spoon, back bent and dog leg chisel.

We also sell a selection of Ashley Iles block cutters, "Ray Gonzalez" hook skew blockcutters, carvers punches, Veritas carvers vice, Mora and Flexcut carving knives, carving scorps, carvers drawknives and hook knives. We also stock a large range of carving tool sets by Ashley Iles and Henry Taylor Tools.

We have just introduced to our carving tool section the full range of Henry Taylor sculpture tools.

>> View our Carving Tools Range

Turning Tools - gouges, scrapers, chisels, parting, box sets, handles...


We have in stock a selection of individual HSS Henry Taylor turning tools.

We stock a good selection of Henry Taylor wood turning tool box sets making for an ideal gift for beginner wood turners, as well as stocking replacement turning tool handles.

In addition to the Henry Taylor tools, we stock Crown Pro-PM Powder Metallurgy High Speed Steel woodturning tools. These Crown tools retain a cutting edge which lasts four-to-five times that of a conventional High Speed tool

>> View our Turning Tool Range

Measuring Tools - gauges, bevels, levels, squares, templates...

Our fine selection of measuring tools include remakes and new additions of the Marples range of tools.

The Marples brand name has a family history of tool manufacturing spanning hundreds of years.

Choose from our Crown Tools, Joseph Marples and Veritas ranges of marking and mortice gauges, sliding bevels, levels, try squares, plumb bobs, calipers, mitre squares, and mitre templates.

>> View our Measuring Tools Range

Saws - hand, tenon, dovetail, gents, plasterboard and specialist saws...

A range of fine saws crafted for the carpenter or hobbiest who demands quality.

Our selection of saws include: hand saws, tenon saws, dovetail, gents, veneer, plasterboard, jewellers, curved inlay and a selection of other specialist saws.

These saws come complete in blister packs or presentation boxes, making them ideal gifts.

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