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Measuring Tools

A fine selection of measuring tools by makers such as Joseph Marples, Clifton, Veritas, Robert Sorby and Crown Tools.

squares, mitre squares

A selection of Crown and Marples squares, mitre squares, try squares, try and mitre squares, and multi angle squares.


marking, mortice gauges

A fine selection of Marples mortice gauges / mortice and marking gauges.


marking tools

A selection of marking tools including marking knives and pencils.


sliding bevels

A selection of Crown and Marples sliding bevels.



A small selection of rules / rulers.



A selection of Crown and Marples levels.


mitre templates

A selection of Veritas and Clifton mitre templates.



A selection of Veritas calipers and Robert Sorby calipers.


plumb bobs

A selection of Veritas plumb bobs.


trammel points

A selection of trammel points.


measuring tool sets

A selection of measuring tool sets.


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