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Routers and Scraper Planes.

Routers and scraper planes.

Kunz Cabinet Scraper - No 80
The Kunz cabinet scraper number 80. This Kunz scraper is used to work on veneered or heavily structured surfaces. The... [More]
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Veritas Cabinet Scraper
Veritas Cabinet Scraper is made from ductile cast iron that is fitted with a 2 3/4 wide blade with 45 degree ground... [More]
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Veritas Medium Router Plane
The Veritas medium router is a mid-sized router which is slightly larger than the Veritas small router and smaller than... [More]
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Veritas Router Plane
A Veritas router plane, invaluable for work on stopped or through dadoes and grooves, or for any work that requires... [More]
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Veritas Router Plane - Fence
The optional extra router fence for the Veritas router plane. [More]
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Veritas Scraping Plane
Veritas Scraping Plane is designed for final smoothing. This woodworking scraper plane has a Stress-relieved ductile... [More]
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Veritas Small Router Plane
Veritas Small Router Plane has a comfortable ductile cast iron body that features a lapped sole and is fitted with a... [More]
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Veritas Small Scraping Plane
The Veritas Small Scraping Plane is a great tool for the final smoothing of small, flat surfaces, even highly figured... [More]
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