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Bullnose and block planes

A selection of Clifton and Veritas bullnose and block planes.

Clifton 770 Bullnose Plane
A Clifton 770 bullnose plane. This beautifully engineered plane, with its classic design has fairly recently been introduced... [More]
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Veritas Apron Plane with O1 Blade
The Veritas 'Apron' plane is a great little plane for end-grain work due to its 12 degree bed angle. The plane has... [More]
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Veritas Block Plane Chamfer Guide Attachment
A chamfer guide attachment for the Veritas low angle block plane and the Veritas standard block plane. For more information... [More]
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Veritas Bullnose Plane
A Veritas Bullnose Plane. This comfortable two-in-one plane can be used as a bullnose plane or can be used in the chisel... [More]
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Veritas DX60 Block Plane - with O1 Blade
The body and lever cap of the Veritas DX60 block plane is ductile cast iron. This material is durable and stable, having... [More]
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Veritas DX60 Block Plane - with PM-V11 Blade
The Veritas DX60 block plane with PM-V11 from the Veritas premium block plane range. The PM-V11 blade is a special... [More]
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Veritas Low Angle Block Plane
Sold out of Veritas Low Angle Block Plane: More Coming Soon
The Veritas 'low angle' block plane is an ideal plane for working on end-grain; the combination of the plane having... [More]
Veritas Standard Block Plane
The standard block plane is preferred for general purpose work. The 20 degree bed angle plus the blade's 25 degree... [More]
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